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Welcome to
The Medicine Box

Welcome to The Medicine Box

The Medicine Box Foundation: Nurturing the Roots of Community


About the Foundation: Planting a Seed of Support in Kanehsata:ke

In the heart of Kanehsata:ke, a seed of support was planted, giving birth to The Medicine Box Foundation in November of 2020. This foundation emerged with a clear vision: to nurture and strengthen the community’s roots. The initiative started as a helping hand to those in Kanehsata:ke who needed additional financial support, marking the beginning of a journey focused on community upliftment.

Our Beginning: Reaching Every Corner of Kanehsata:ke

Our journey commenced with letters of hope and solidarity, reaching out to every corner of Kanehsata:ke. In this vibrant community, we recognized the diversity of needs and stories. From dedicated mothers and wise elders to resilient single parents, inspiring teachers, energetic kids in sports, and ambitious students – we saw the beautiful tapestry of our community and aimed to support each unique thread.

Our Evolution: Supporting Diverse Community Threads

As we evolved, The Medicine Box Foundation pledged to highlight and support these varied facets of our community fabric. Each month, we focus on different groups, acknowledging their contributions and the challenges they face. Our approach involves targeting four individuals monthly with wellness packages tailored to their life experiences. This endeavor transcends mere giving – it’s about recognizing, validating, and celebrating the hard work and perseverance that define our community.

Our Mission: Empowering and Uplifting Kanehsata:ke

The core mission of The Medicine Box Foundation is to empower the Kanehsata:ke community through targeted financial support, particularly focusing on diverse and underrepresented groups. Our foundation is deeply rooted in community feedback, using it as a cornerstone for guiding our actions and maximizing our impact. We believe in upliftment – because when one rises, we all rise. Our mission extends beyond giving; it’s about elevating each other.

Impact Since Our Start: A Commitment to Community Development

Since our inception, The Medicine Box Foundation has made significant contributions to the community of Kanehsata:ke:

  • $54,000 donated to the Mohawk Language Program
  • $3,000 to the local Elementary School and High School
  • $19,000 towards community cultural initiatives

Fundraising Milestones: Collective Efforts for a Brighter Future

Since November 2020, thanks to the generous contributions of our clients and supporters, we have raised a total of $160,000. These funds have been pivotal in supporting and enriching the lives of many in Kanehsata:ke, demonstrating the power of community and collective effort.

The Medicine Box Foundation stands as a beacon of hope and support in Kanehsata:ke, embodying the spirit of community and togetherness. Join us in this journey of empowerment and watch as we grow stronger together, one helping hand at a time. Help us help others, and let’s continue to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

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The Medicine Box

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